Thursday of week 4 in Ordinary Time – Travel light to travel far

Thursday of week 4 in Ordinary Time – Travel light to travel far


Theme:  Travel light to travel far

Texts: 1 Kings 2:1-4,10-12; Mark 6:7-13


The commissioning of the twelve Apostles is described in today’s Gospel. They were sent forth in pairs, with authority and power over all demons and the ability to heal ailments. They were to preach to the people that Jesus would visit about the arrival of the Kingdom of God, or God’s authority in their lives. They were also to teach individuals they visited how to prepare their minds for God’s reign by confessing their faults and asking for God’s pardon and deliverance from their bad habits. Jesus’ precise action plan was likewise demanded of the Apostles.

For a successful journey Jesus gave them travel tips and guidelines. Jesus want them to travel light and not be encumbered by baggage and luxuries. They only had to have faith that God, the Provider, would open the hearts of Christians to meet their needs. Jesus’ teachings also imply that his followers should not follow in the footsteps of the acquisitive priests of the day, who were exclusively concerned in accumulating wealth.

One of the keys to spiritual wellbeing, according to St. Ignatius of Loyola, is detachment from the things and anxieties of this world, which may distract us from achieving our ultimate goal in life, which is to improve our connection with God. A Church on the Move must shed a lot of the unnecessary luggage that is dragging us down. This call is vital in a time like ours when there is so much emphasis on material possessions even by some church authorities. Some people la more emphasis on building on church blocks than grooming of the spirituality of the faithful. As much as infrastructural developments are good, spiritual development and koinonia must be prime. Megaphones are good but charity is better; theological correctness is good but forgiveness and mercy is better.

This same travel tip of Jesus also applies in our journey in life. A lot of us carry so much load on their shoulder, we worry about everything there is – house, titles, clothes, what people say or did not say, recognition, bills etc. These things end up weighing us down from our relationship with God. The Lord advise us to cast them onto him and move forward. Our efforts should be in building a closer union with God and our neighbor. Scripture says that we should seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness, and other things shall be added on to us (Matt 6:33).

God bless you!

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